Géza Pénzes

Self portrait
Self portrait
118 x 72 mm

2660 Balassagyarmat, Kóvári út 5.
Phone: (35) 311-853

School's address:
2660 Balassagyarmat, Óváros tér 11.
Phone: (35) 301-433, (35) 301-841
E-mail: gpenzes@nograd.net

Géza Pénzes was born in 1949.
He has graduated at the College for Pedagogy in Szeged (1969-73) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest (1979-82).
He is an exhibitory artist since 1972.

His individual exhibitions:
    • Balassagyarmat
    • Makó
    • Mezôtúr
    • Miskolc
    • Nyíregyháza
    • Salgótarján
    • Szeged
    • Szécsény
    • Szombathely

He had taken part in more than 30 group-exhibitions in Hungary and all over the world. He is dealing with grafics, painting and lately with fotography. His favourite technique is the etching. He lives and works in Balassagyarmat (Hungary, Nograd County). He teaches youngsters of 10-18 years old for the fundamentals of fine arts.

Some of the etchings of Géza Pénzes:

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